Dr. Nadine Reibling,

is the head of the junior research group. The project brings together her existing research in medical sociology and social policy research. She got her PhD in 2014 at the University of Mannheim with a dissertation thesis on the international comparison of access to healthcare systems.

Contact: nadine.reibling@uni-siegen.de

Mareike Ariaans, M.A.

is research associate in the MEPYSO project since june 2017. Her specific working areas within the project are qualitative and quantitative policy analysis and preparation of policy recommendations. In addition she is responsible for the coordination of the interdisciplinary advisory group. She holds a Master of Arts title in Social Policy from the University of Bremen.

Contact: mareike.ariaans@uni-siegen.de

Stephan Krayter, M.A.

is research associate in the MEPYSO project since July 2018. His research area is the medicalization and psychologization in the scientific discourse and the media. He previously had been working as a student assistant in the the current project before he received his M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Siegen in 2018.

Contact: stephan.krayter@uni-siegen.de

Philipp Linden, M.Sc.

is research associate in the MEPYSO project since November 2017. His research analyzes the consequences of medicalization and psychologization with (experimental) survey data. He holds a Master of Science in Sociology and empirical research from the University of Cologne.

Contact: philipp.linden@uni-siegen.de

Torsten Schneider, M.A.

is part of the MEPYSO project since April 2021. He also works as a research assistant and doctoral student at the Chair of Sociology of Health and the Healthcare System at the University of Siegen. His main focus is on the quantitative analysis of health inequalities.

Contact: torsten.schneider@uni-siegen.de

Lucas Hamel, M.A.

is a research associate in the MEPYSO project since January 2019. His focus lies on the qualitative and
quantitative collection and evaluation of survey data with regarding medicalization and
psychologization of early childhood developmental disorders. Lucas Hamel graduated in 2015 with a
bachelor’s degree in social sciences (B.Sc.) and in 2018 with a master’s degree in political science
(M.A.) from the University of Cologne.

Lisa Bleckmann, M.A.

is research associate in the Department of Social Policy at the University of Siegen and a member of the MEPYSO project. Her research topic is the political discourse on employees’ mental health in a changing working environment. She studied Social Sciences at the Universities of Siegen and Lancaster.