Announcement: MEPYSO Meeting with the Interdisciplinary Advisory Group at January 18th in Bonn

For the second time the MEPYSO-Team will meet at the 18thof January 2019 with the members of the interdisciplinary Advisory Group. The internal meeting will be held at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Bonn.

MEPYSO at the IAB workshop: “Unemployment and welfare dynamics”

Nadine Reibling and Philipp Linden participated in the workshop “Unemployment and welfare dynamics” in November 2018. The international conference dealt mainly with the following questions:

  • How long do individuals remain unemployed and which paths through welfare can be identified?
  • Which institutional, economic or individual factors influence the length and duration of unemployed episodes?
  • Under what circumstances do the long-term unemployed eave welfare state dependencies and what is the role of atypical or low-paid employment?
  • How does welfare state dependence change over time and under different economic conditions?

The two researchers presented results from a quantitative longitudinal analysis on the topic “Medicalization as alternative path through welfare? Determinants of the transition from unemployment to a medical leave status in the German social policy system” and received positive and constructive feedback.

In a next step, the theoretical foundations and results of the empirical analyses shall lead to a publication in 2019.

Announcement: MEPYSO at the FIS-Forum at October 9th in Berlin

All members of the MEPYSO-Team will participate in the FIS-Forum. At this year’s forum of the Fördernetzwerks Interdisziplinäre Sozialpolitikforschung all funded projects and endowed professorships are invited by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to present their ongoing research. The MEYPSO-Team will give an update on the project in a poster presentation. Furthermore, Nadine Reibling is going to present new results in her talk entitled “Unemployed and sick?! Perspectives on the medicalization of unemployment in Germany and other advanced, industrialized countries”.