MEPYSO at the IAB workshop: “Unemployment and welfare dynamics”

Nadine Reibling and Philipp Linden participated in the workshop “Unemployment and welfare dynamics” in November 2018. The international conference dealt mainly with the following questions:

  • How long do individuals remain unemployed and which paths through welfare can be identified?
  • Which institutional, economic or individual factors influence the length and duration of unemployed episodes?
  • Under what circumstances do the long-term unemployed eave welfare state dependencies and what is the role of atypical or low-paid employment?
  • How does welfare state dependence change over time and under different economic conditions?

The two researchers presented results from a quantitative longitudinal analysis on the topic “Medicalization as alternative path through welfare? Determinants of the transition from unemployment to a medical leave status in the German social policy system” and received positive and constructive feedback.

In a next step, the theoretical foundations and results of the empirical analyses shall lead to a publication in 2019.